About the Crevecoeur Breed

The Crèvecoeur is one of the most ancient French poultry races (dating back to the 15th century) and it carries the name of its town of origin in Normandy, Crèvecoeur-en-Auge, in Calvados.

The Crèvecoeur is said to be the oldest french poultry breed.
There are records of the breeds presence in France from as early as the 16th century.

Popular in France in the 19th century, it has since fallen from favour among poultry producers and is now listed in the USA as a critical conservation priority by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy.

Dorkings appear to have been added to the breed in the 19th century to produce the bulky Crèvecoeur breed that we see today; which produces large quantities of tasty meat.

They have excellent utility qualities and are a very attractive exhibition breed with a gentle and friendly temperament.

Crèvecoeur and a similar breed, La Flèche, are both part of a small group of poultry breeds which are Australia’s newest breeds, and are incredibly rare.

In 2014 Crèvecoeur, and 2015 La Flèche were successfully imported from the United Kingdom into Australia by a company called AvGen (Lyn Campbell) and Jan Sparks and subsequent generations of birds are available for purchase.

The black colour variety was imported in both breeds.

At this stage La Flèche are only available from AvGen and Crèvecoeur are available from AvGen and some other people the purchased subsequent generations.
It is hoped that members of this group can share their knowledge of the breed, help promote its development and secure the breeds future in Australia and abroad.

Our initial constitution states the principal reasons for our existence are:

1/ to protect the breed of Crevecoeur Chicken in Australia for the long term through acquiring and preserving interests in or associated with the Crevecoeur Poultry Club.

2/ to preserve, restore or maintain the conservation value or environmental significance of the Crevecoeur Poultry Breed through the planned management of the current conservatory property at Rupanyup established for the foundation Crevecoeur birds.

3/ to obtain funds or other property through donations, bequests, public appeals, special events and from the corporate sector.

4/ to provide financial or in-kind help to others to protect and manage the Crevecoeur Chicken breed in Australia.

5/ to provide advice to others about how to protect and manage the Crevecoeur Chicken Breed

6/ to pursue business, sponsorship and other appropriate relationships with the public and private sector to achieve the objects of the Australian Crevecoeur Poultry Club.

A Conservation Program for Crevecoeur Chickens in Australia.

By davidcraker | January 5, 2017 |

Discussion and planning has been underway since November 2016 of an opportunity to consider forming a small trust to support a small conservation program for the Crevecoeur in Australia.

This trust would be a part of the foundation for the Australian Crevecoeur Poultry Club and assist us in formalising the club into the future and thereby underpinning the ability to continue to protect the birds as a rare breed.

Here is a few lines that may be used to lay the aims and goals of this trust and it is based on the Rare Breeds Trust of Australia but specific to Crevecoeur in out case..

Our club is open to ideas and suggestions about what could or should be included at this early stage..

Kindly consider that this is early days and we have nothing legally started or set in stone as yet.


The principal purpose of the Australian Crevecoeur Poultry Trust is to protect and encourage the conservation and breeding of the Crevecoeur Chicken in Australia to ensure their survival here in Australia as well as worldwide and in particular:

1/ to become and act as the founder, trustee of and the administrator for a gift fund for the Australian Crevecoeur Poultry Trust and to be called the “Australian Crevecoeur Poultry Trust Fund”

2/ to preserve, promote and protect breeds of Crevecoeur Poultry which are listed as critically endangered, are now bred in Australia after being introduced in 2014 and that also face serious dangers in their overall low population worldwide ;

3/ to preserve, promote and protect breeds of Crevecoeur Poultry which originated from Normandy in France but will now also form part of Australia’s domestic poultry heritage;

4/ to strengthen the appeal of this endangered breed of Crevecoeur Poultry to be bred, diversified with populations strengthened and maintained for the domestic market;

5/ to maintain international links with organisations striving to stabilise and increase the genetic diversity between and within agricultural livestock breeds with particular interest in Crevecoeur Poultry;

6/ to provide an active forum for Crevecoeur Poultry and for the communication of information and for the education non plagiarized essay typer of members and of the public; and

7/ to undertake promotional activities and any other activities conducive to the achievement of the objectives of the Trust and Australian Crevecoeur Poultry Club.


After a few discussions with some stakeholder members and supporters, we think we have just about covered what will be a good start if we can achieve these goals, could I ask for members and friends to provide their thoughts??